Top tips for vegan students!

Posted on the 11th September 2023

If you are vegan and about to start or resume university, check out our top tips!

1) Eat wholefoods
The cheapest way of eating is also one of the healthiest. By basing your diet around wholefoods, such as beans, lentils, pulses, vegetables, fruits and wholegrains, you will not only be eating delicious healthy food, you will also be saving money!

2) Budget supermarkets are your friend
When shopping for groceries, it is always worth going to shops which are generally cheaper – Lidl, Aldi, Iceland, and budget shops such as Heron. These shops always have decent deals on the essentials, and usually have extensive vegan ranges, which are often better value than other supermarkets.

3) Cook once, eat twice (or more!)
It’s not all necessarily about saving money, but also time. Understandably, university students are busy and often do not have time to cook every day. Cooking in bulk will ensure you always have at least one meal ready to go. Simply heat it up and enjoy!

4) Download a Student Vegan Pack
For everything you need, including shopping tips, recipes, nutritional information and more, download our FREE Student Vegan Pack. You’ll receive a copy of our Student Vegan Guide, a Student Shopping List poster, and a Guide to Vegan Nutrition poster!


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