‘Try Vegan This June’ – Bus stop adverts pop-up in English cities

Posted on the 31st May 2018

Adverts promoting Animal Aid’s Summer Vegan Pledge have popped up in several cities in England.

The adverts feature various animals, some of whom have been saved from slaughter and now live at an animal sanctuary; the adverts can be found in Brighton, Birmingham, Canterbury and Leeds.

The Summer Vegan Pledge is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t yet vegan to give it a try for the month of June. Participants will get all of the help and advice they need throughout the month, and beyond. They will receive a Welcome Pack which is full of nutritional advice, recipes and advice on alternatives to animal products, as well as discount vouchers for some of the UK’s most well-known vegan eateries!

If you happen to spot any of them, be sure to snap a picture and send it to us!

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