Tullos Hill roe deer killed

Posted on the 9th May 2012

Twenty-two of the 30-strong population of roe deer who lived on the meadowland around Tullos Hill in Aberdeen have now been killed. Various agencies were involved in the plan to plant trees on this site and pleas for them to protect saplings from the resident deer rather than kill them were not heeded. The Woodland Trust was one such agency.

In justifying its stance, the Woodland Trust has stated that ‘the creation of a native woodland… once established, will create an area which is not only a public amenity but a valuable habitat for a variety of species including deer’.

Animal Aid has this week written to the Woodland Trust to ask it to justify and clarify the apparently illogical argument that killing deer who lived on Tullos Hill – and disrupting an ecosystem that supported a wide variety of life – was necessary to create a new habitat that deer and other species could live in.

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‘End Animal Tests’ week of action announced

 To support World Day for Animals in Laboratories on 24th April, we are organising the ‘End Animal Tests’ week of action  which runs from Saturday 20th until Sunday 28th April.

Posted 18 Apr 2024