Two lambs freed from cruel snares

Posted on the 8th July 2022

Thanks to the quick actions of the Calder Valley Hunt Saboteurs, two tiny lambs were freed from snares on a grouse shooting estate.

A study for Defra showed that nearly 70% of animals caught in snares are not the intended victims, and include sheep, and protected animals like badgers.

Our government petition, calling for a ban on the use of snares, was signed by more than 100,000 people and is waiting for a Parliamentary debate date so that MPs can discuss the future of snares.

Additionally, the government’s long-awaited Call for Evidence into snares has still not been published and we have merely been told that it will take place ‘in due course’.

This is simply not good enough. Please write to your MP and ask for their support. Thank you.



Ban snares! Write to your MP.

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