UK meat consumption falls

Posted on the 19th February 2016

The British Social Attitudes Survey has revealed that millions of people across the UK have reduced their meat consumption over the past year. As many as 3-in-ten have already cut down on meat, whilst a further nine per cent are considering reducing their intake.

The survey found that most people who had cut down on meat – some 58 per cent – had done so due to health concerns, such as the link between processed meat and cancer. However around a fifth said they were concerned about animal welfare, and about the same number were seeking to reduce their food bill.

Whatever the reason, more people eating less meat means that fewer animals have to suffer and die on farms and in slaughterhouses. But eliminating the consumption of animal products entirely goes even further in terms of reducing animal suffering. For more information on going vegan, please order our FREE Go Vegan pack.

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