Valentine’s Day: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Posted on the 7th February 2024

This coming Valentine’s Day, we are asking everyone to take compassionate action by Wearing Your Heart on your Sleeve – that is, to commit to a positive action on Valentine’s Day, but also to be proud of all your campaigning for animals.

There are many ways to advocate for animals and help to spread the message through fun, imaginative actions – many of which are totally free.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started – but you probably have loads of brilliant ideas of your own.  

Please be sure to share your experiences and photos of your actions for animals on social media, tagging @AnimalAid and #ValentineAnimals  

  • Cook a delicious vegan meal for friends, family or colleagues 
  • Get a group of friends to commit to volunteer for a day or more at a local sanctuary 
  • Donate some vegan food to a local food bank or food collection point 
  • Post a photo of yourself (and any companion animal who lives with you) on social media, pointing friends to our Vegan pages (if you have a ‘go vegan’ or other suitable T-shirt, make sure you wear that!) 
  • Take a picture of your favourite ‘signature’ dish that you love cooking, and share your recipe online 
  • Sign an online petition; you can find a number of them on our Take Action page. 
  • This Valentine’s Day, Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve for animals by registering your interest to become a school speaker.
  • Record a short message about why you went vegan – and share on social media 
  • And, don’t forget, you can always buy a little gift for someone you love (including yourself, perhaps!) from our fabulous, cruelty-free, vegan online shop!

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