Vegan advert banned by ASA for showing the truth

Posted on the 19th June 2022

An advert by Vegan Friendly UK, in collaboration with vegan food brand Miami Kitchen, was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) following 63 complaints about its content.

The advert depicts people eating fish and meat, something that the majority of people in the UK will do, but then flashes to the side that we often don’t see. It shows how the fish are cruelly ripped from the sea and gutted, and images of the animals who are farmed for their flesh.

The footage lingers on the eyes of each animal who is farmed and then slaughtered for human consumption, and asks the viewer to ‘make the connection’. Often, similar footage – such as that of a fish being gutted – is shown on cookery and farming programmes, so why should this advert be banned? Perhaps because it told one too many home truths.

If you are upset by the advert, the best thing you can do is to stop contributing the suffering of fish and other sentient beings. And the best part is that it has never been easier!

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