It’s Veggie Week at Lidl: Ask them to #MarkItVegan!

Posted on the 16th August 2018

This week is Lidl’s annual Veggie Week – which means their stores will be packed full of delicious vegan goodies. What’s even better is that these are all clearly labelled. 

Even though clearly labelling products can only be a positive thing, Lidl is still inconsistent when it comes to labelling their own-brand vegan products. This can lead to confusion amongst some people who are new to plant-based eating, and even to those who aren’t that new.

This means that Lidl are one of very few supermarkets who have not yet committed to labelling their own-brand vegan products.

Please ask Lidl to #MarkItVegan this Veggie Week!

-> Tweet them
-> Post on their Facebook page
-> Email them
-> Sign our #MarkItVegan petition, calling for all major supermarkets to label their own-brand vegan products

Please keep all communications polite and friendly. Thanks!

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