Wales announces ban on snares

Posted on the 27th September 2022

Animal Aid is heartened that there is going to be a ban on snares in Wales and hope that England and Scotland will follow.

The Welsh Agriculture Bill laid before the Senedd this week includes the Programme for Government commitment for a complete ban on the use of snares and glue traps.

Speaking about the Bill, Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths said: Wales will be the first country in the UK to introduce a complete ban on the use of snares and glue traps.  These devices catch animals indiscriminately, causing great deal of suffering, and they are not compatible with the high animal welfare standards we strive for here in Wales.  A complete ban is the only way forward.”

Animal Aid’s recent UK government petition was signed by more than 100,000 people, but we are still awaiting a date for the debate and announcement of the long-promised Call for Evidence on Snares. We demand answers and action.

The use of snares is widely opposed and it’s time to ban them once and for all

Read the Bill's announcement

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