Wild boar need your help!

Posted on the 23rd November 2018

We were shocked to learn that the National Trust is planning to kill wild boar on its Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire. This is apparently due to members of the public feeling intimidated by them.

In fact, wild boar are notoriously shy, making it difficult for even wildlife photographers to capture photos of them in the UK. They avidly avoid humans, and attacks in the UK are extremely rare. We have only been able to find a single report in the media about an injury caused by a wild boar in recent times.

Other high-profile animal protection organisations have joined us in speaking out against these unethical and misguided plans. Born Free, HSI UK, IFAW, PETA and Viva! all joined us in signing a letter to the chairman of the National Trust, calling for an immediate end to the cull plans. The Guardian has now published an article about our joint opposition to the plans.

Please contact the National Trust on Twitter, and politely ask them to abandon plans for the cull. Here are some example tweets:

‘Hi @nationaltrust I was shocked to hear about your plans to cull wild boar. Please spare the lives of these rare wild animals and educate people about how to safely interact with them instead.’

‘Hi @nationaltrust, please abandon your disturbing plans to kill wild boar. These animals are notoriously shy and boar attacks are very rare. Resorting to killing them is deeply misguided and unethical.’

If you are currently a member, you may want to mention this:

‘As a member of the @nationaltrust, I was shocked to hear about your plans to kill wild boar. The National Trust should be protecting wild animals, not taking their lives.’

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