‘Wonder’ drug withdrawn

Posted on the 24th October 2008

Just four years ago, Acomplia was hailed in the national press as a wonder slimming pill. Now it has been withdrawn by the authorities because of a high risk of serious psychiatric disorders leading, in some cases, to suicide.

This catastrophe, once again, underlines the pointlessness of animal tests during drug development. Acomplia was passed as safe on the basis of those tests even though the physiology and mental make-up of rats and dogs is completely different from people’s. But even if rats did suffer Acomplia-induced anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings, how would the lab researchers know? Animal Aid has just published a major thoroughly-referenced critique of the drug industry, which includes an exposé of the scientifically fraudulent use of animals and the industry’s sharp practice during the trialling and marketing of drugs.

Read our report "Making a Killing"

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‘End Animal Tests’ week of action announced

 To support World Day for Animals in Laboratories on 24th April, we are organising the ‘End Animal Tests’ week of action  which runs from Saturday 20th until Sunday 28th April.

Posted 18 Apr 2024