World Plant Milk Day returns!

Posted on the 14th August 2019

World Plant Milk Day returns for 2019 to celebrate plant-milks.

Animal Aid is proud to be a partner organisation for World Plant Milk Day, which takes place on 22ndAugust. World Plant Milk Day is a day dedicated to celebrating plant-milks and encouraging people to ditch dairy and opt for plant-milks instead.

Plant-milks, such as soya, almond, oat and coconut, are widely available and are growing in popularity. In fact, it was recently reported that almost a quarter of Brits drink plant-milks, and in contrast dairy milk sales have fallen by a third in the last 20 years.

There are many reasons for this; firstly, dairy production is incredibly cruel to animals, it is terrible for the environment, and we do not need to consume dairy products in order to be healthy.

What can you do to celebrate World Plant Milk Day?

1) Post about your favourite dairy-free treats!
Post on social media about your favourite vegan ice-cream or your favourite plant-milk to have in your coffee will inspire those you know who aren’t already vegan to give them a try. You can also share some of the World Plant Milk Day graphics and infographics.

2) Bring in plant-milks for your office!
Some people may not even think to opt for soya milk in their tea; bring in a selection of plant-milks for your colleagues to try, they will definitely find one that they love.

3) Share the plant-milk pledge!
Ask your local coffee shops to add plant-milks to their menus, and if they already do ask them to consider offering them without a surcharge.

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