More than 100,000 people tell The Wildlife Trusts, ‘Stop the grey squirrel cull’

Posted on the 5th September 2017

A 100,000+ signature petition was handed in to the Wildlife Trusts’ head office in Newark, calling for an end to grey squirrel culling.

The petition was started by Courtney Scattergood on petition site Care2 after reading about the plans for a mass grey squirrel cull in the media. Courtney was joined at the hand-in by representatives of Care2, national animal rights organisation Animal Aid and grey squirrel rehabilitators Urban Squirrels.

The petition states that mass culling of grey squirrels is not only cruel, but an ineffective way of conserving red squirrels. Research shows that the biggest cause of red squirrel decline is human activity, namely deforestation, habitat loss, and previous persecution.

Under the Red Squirrels United initiative – which is led by The Wildlife Trusts  – grey squirrel culling will take place in parts of North and Mid Wales, Northern England, and Northern Ireland.

Courtney Scattergood, who started the petition, says:

‘I started the petition against The Wildlife Trusts’ 5,000 volunteer drive which includes recruiting people to cull grey squirrels as I was strongly against their approach, as it was not based on the main causes for the decrease in population for the red squirrels. It is important to challenge The Wildlife Trusts on their decision as it will result in no effect on the red squirrels’ population whilst innocent grey squirrels are being bludgeoned to death.’

Beth Granter, Campaigner at petition site Care2, says:

‘Over 100,000 people have signed the Care2 petition against the grey squirrel cull being facilitated by the Wildlife Trusts. The Trusts are greatly loved in Britain, so many Care2 members were horrified to find out that they are responsible for the needless slaughter of potentially thousands of animals. Habitat protection and regeneration – not culls of grey squirrels – should be the focus for ensuring red squirrel populations can recover from a primary cause of their decline – habitat loss.’

Natalia Doran, founder of Urban Squirrels, says:

‘The greys are innocent! The case against them is based on a faulty and outdated conceptual framework of alien versus native. It deals in half-truths, outright lies and huge exaggerations. The persecution of grey squirrels has no conservation value and is based on faulty science. It must stop.’

Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid Campaigner, says

‘Culling grey squirrels in a bid to save red squirrels is not only cruel, but futile. The science is very clear – mass culling of grey squirrels is not an effective approach to conserving red squirrels. The Wildlife Trusts, and Red Squirrels United, need to take seriously the view of the thousands of people that have signed this petition, and the science, and stop the cull.’


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