A breakthrough for Wales

Posted on the 15th November 2021

After many years of campaigning for mandatory CCTV for all UK slaughterhouses, we have a breakthrough to share! The Welsh Government has finally set a date for the introduction of mandatory CCTV for all Welsh slaughterhouses. This is as part of the new ‘Animal Welfare Plan for Wales’ proposals, which will take place over the next 5 years. We welcome this firm commitment on the Welsh Labour manifesto pledge and urge that independent monitoring of the footage is also implemented. This step is absolutely vital in order to act as a deterrent to the violence and illegality which our cameras have often captured.

Whilst no panacea, independent monitoring should help to protect farmed animals from blatant incompetence and the brutal treatment that our cameras have revealed time and again. Animals in slaughterhouses are at the most vulnerable of points in their sadly all too brief lives. During our investigation of Farmers Fresh slaughterhouse, our covert cameras revealed many troubling issues including workers pinning down and cutting the throat of a sheep who appears fully conscious, others grabbing the throats of sheep, and animals being hurled down the slaughter conveyer line, whilst workers shouted. This is absolutely unacceptable.

We are hugely grateful to the Welsh Petitions Committee who have continued to tirelessly raise our petition since it’s submission in 2010 culminating in a report urging the Welsh Government to act.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes lobbying politicians, commissioning experts, encouraging people to contact their candidates in the Welsh elections to ask for their support for this issue, disseminating briefings, preparing Welsh Assembly questions, submitting Freedom of Information requests and reporting and updating on findings.

We have worked tirelessly to protect all animals in slaughterhouses, and we know many of our supporters feel very strongly about this issue. A huge thank you all of our supporters who have contacted policy makers, raised awareness and written to their local papers. We could not have achieved this goal without your hard work.

We are grateful that this collective campaigning is finally paying off and will continue to advocate for veganism, as the only way to protect farmed animals from harm.

Media quote:

“Animal Aid welcomes the decision by the Welsh Government to bring Wales in line with England and Scotland. This measure is the result of a long-term campaign which aims to reduce the violence and cruelty suffered by animals in the slaughterhouse, both from poor practice and deliberate cruelty. However, we are dismayed by the long lead time; mandatory CCTV is planned for 2023/24, which means thousands of animals will continue to suffer unnecessary cruelty and abuse in the interim.

Animals at the slaughterhouse are extremely vulnerable – they are in the total power of people paid to end their lives – many of these people have become wholly desensitised. This was even found to be the case during our investigation at the Welsh slaughterhouse that had voluntary CCTV cameras. We urge the Welsh government to bring forward the requirement for mandatory CCTV – with strict rules regarding the placement and operation of cameras, access and storage of footage. Full independent monitoring of footage is vital to help safeguard farmed animals. It is not possible, under any commercial remit, to slaughter animals humanely – and we will continue to campaign to promote cruelty-free living.” – Tor Bailey, Campaign Manager, Animal Aid


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