Breaking: shocking scenes filmed at small-scale slaughterhouse

Brave Animal Aid investigators recently placed covert cameras at a fifteenth slaughterhouse – PJ Hayman in Devon. The footage has revealed a number of shocking incidents, that would have added to the suffering already caused...

Posted 18 Sep 2018

Bowood slaughterhouse staff sentenced at Leeds Magistrates Court

We have finally reached the outcome of the long-running Bowood slaughterhouse case. Three slaughtermen and one former company director were sentenced today (March 2) at Leeds Magistrates Court, after pleading guilty to animal cruelty offences....

Posted 02 Mar 2018

Worker pulls back fist as if to punch sheep

Animal Aid statement on non-stun slaughter

Animal Aid recognises that, given the existence of strong anti-Muslim sentiment amongst a section of the British population, there is a risk that some people will use the Bowood slaughterhouse case to stir up hatred...

Posted 22 Jan 2018