A Good Life? faces censorship while taking over three major stations across the UK with the call to have a compassionate Christmas!

Posted on the 7th December 2023

In a bid to spread awareness about the harsh reality turkeys face on farms, we launched a powerful advertising campaign across three major UK stations. The campaign, which kicked off in Manchester Piccadilly and Glasgow stations and will conclude at King's Cross in London, aims to encourage people to make compassionate choices this festive season.

The heart of the campaign lies in a poignant image featuring a family of turkeys decorating a Christmas tree. However, the image is deliberately torn to reveal the stark contrast between the heart-warming scene and the grim fate that awaits turkeys in the farming industry. Their short lives are characterised by a reality of mutilations, rapid growth, and a distressing end at the slaughterhouse.

The original advertisements included a poignant message: “On farms, turkeys are forced to grow four times their natural size, causing broken bones. Many can’t move and starve to death. The rest are killed as babies. Turkeys hate Christmas.”

Animal Aid was asked to substantiate these facts and provided multiple pieces of evidence to support each claim made in the text. Despite presenting irrefutable evidence, the agency responsible for the approval of the ads insisted on alterations, ultimately rejecting the original copy.

The approved version now reads: “Turkeys hate Christmas. Go Vegan This Year.”

The changes to the text meant that Animal Aid was not able to tell the public verifiable facts about where their food comes from – basically for the public to know the truth.

Animal Aid remains steadfast in its commitment to exposing the truth behind the meat industry and believes that consumers should have access to the information needed to make informed choices about their food consumption.

For the start of the advertising campaign, our team, and dedicated activists, engaged with the public, fostering positive conversations and raising awareness about the impact of choosing a vegan lifestyle. Vegan bakery, Joyful Kitchen Kent, provided us with beautiful, handmade vegan cookies. If passers-by took our short quiz on turkey farming they received one of these vegan, turkey cookies, symbolising the joy of making kinder choices for animals.

On the day, the public response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their shock at learning of standard farming practices. Passers-by were eager to learn more about the realities of animal farming and how they can make a difference by embracing a vegan lifestyle. We had our original advert printed onto large placards and most people also agreed with the team, that if individuals fund these industries, they should be confronted with the realities of these practices.

The campaign finishes at King’s Cross in London, and Animal Aid remains steadfast in its mission to encourage people to choose compassion over cruelty. By showcasing the stark contrast between the idealised image and the harsh reality turkeys face, the organisation is inspiring individuals to reflect on their choices and make informed decisions that align with their values.

This initiative not only sheds light on the plight of turkeys but also underscores the importance of advocating for a more humane and sustainable world. A Good Life? will continue to strive to have positive and engaging approach to make a significant impact. By raising mass awareness with advertising and having meaningful conversations with individuals, we work towards the goal of creating a more compassionate society through veganism.

Take a look at our socials for more pictures and videos of the outreach events and our adverts!

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