Animal Aid bus ads call for ban on cruel cages

Posted on the 1st May 2019

Animal Aid is running a series of bus adverts in central London, asking the Environment Secretary to ban cruel cages for breeding game birds.

Most pheasants and partridges are not born in the wild; they are purpose-bred on farms and released to be shot. Their parents may have been among the thousands kept imprisoned in cages for months – or sometimes years – in all temperatures and with no escape. They are so stressed they can wound each other and may also harm themselves in their desperation to escape. The government says it ‘takes animal welfare very seriously’ and yet it allows these birds to live in misery.

We need to make sure that Environment Secretary Michael Gove appreciates how many people support the campaign to ban these cruel cages. Please could you spare a moment to send him a polite tweet, together with any of the pictures below?

There are a couple of example tweets below to save you time:

‘Hi @michaelgove, have you seen @AnimalAid’s bus ads? Please take urgent action to ban cruel game bird cages:’

‘Hi @michaelgove, all birds deserve to fly free! Please ban cruel cages for pheasants and partridges:’ 

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