Animal Aid launches innovative new anti-vivisection initiative

Posted on the 13th January 2014

Animal Aid has launched a groundbreaking new online initiative, which marks the beginning of a critical phase in its campaign to stop medical charities funding vivisection.

Victims of Charity logoEvery few weeks, the new Victims of Charity microsite will expose a recent example of charity-funded vivisection and empower the public to take action easily and effectively, using email and social media.

The experiments will be presented in a succinct, non-technical format and both the animal suffering and faulty science will be brought to light. Through its permanent and growing archive of shameful experiments, the microsite will provide an invaluable resource for journalists and researchers, leading to better media coverage of the campaign against animal experiments.

The first experiment to feature on the microsite can only be described as macabre and repugnant. Financially supported by the British Heart Foundation (BHF),* it involved 12 heavily pregnant sheep being surgically mutilated, forced to endure two prolonged episodes of suffocation – along with their unborn lambs – and then killed. Dr Adrian Stallwood, Animal Aid’s scientific consultant, described the experiment as ‘methodologically flawed’ and noted it was highly unlikely that any medical progress could result from it.

Please visit the microsite today, take action and help bring about the day when medical charities fund only ethical and productive non-animal research.

*The published paper states that the work was supported by the BHF and Professor Dino Giussani – who heads the research programme of which the experiment was part – has received a Programme Grant from the BHF

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