Back in the dock – BUAV launches Cambridge challenge

Posted on the 1st January 2004

Following the joint Animal Aid/NAVS High Court challenge to John Prescott, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has launched its own important case in which the government and Cambridge University are again in the dock.

Statement from BUAV

“The BUAV is taking the Government to court in a Judicial Review, using our shocking undercover investigation of primate brain research at Cambridge University, as its main evidence.

“The BUAV believes that the Government routinely underestimates (and therefore misrepresents to the public) the level of suffering experienced by animals – particularly primates – used in experiments. The BUAV’s undercover exposĂ© at Cambridge University, as well as many other BUAV investigations dating back over 14 years, provide ample and damning evidence.

“The BUAV aims to show how the Home Office fails to take account of many aspects of lab animal suffering when applying what the law calls the ‘cost:benefit’ test (weighing up the cost to the animal against the perceived benefit of performing the test).

“The BUAV firmly believes that the public is being seriously misled about the extent to which animals are made to suffer in UK labs. The appalling Cambridge experiments (involving monkeys having the top of their skull sawn off and parts of their brain sucked out) were categorised by the Government as causing only ‘moderate’ suffering. The BUAV intends to use its Cambridge investigation evidence to challenge this position.”

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For the full background and latest news see the Cambridge index.

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