Breaking news! Legislation on mandatory CCTV laid in Parliament

Posted on the 23rd February 2018

We’re now a step closer to CCTV in slaughterhouses becoming a reality. Today the government has put forward a draft law, which will now be considered in parliament.

They hope the new law will come into effect from May 2018, and slaughterhouses will then have six months to comply. Slaughterhouse vets will be allowed to see the last 90 days of footage. This will go a long way in protecting animals from some of the deliberate and sadistic abuse brought to light time and again by our investigations.

A heart felt thank you to our wonderful supporters for the many actions you have taken to demonstrate your dedicated and unwavering support to date. We welcome this positive news on a long-fought campaign. But we will continue to encourage people to go vegan, since this is the best way to protect farmed animals.

Read the government announcement

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