Breaking: shocking scenes filmed at small-scale slaughterhouse

Brave Animal Aid investigators recently placed covert cameras at a fifteenth slaughterhouse – PJ Hayman in Devon. The footage has revealed a number of shocking incidents, that would have added to the suffering already caused...

Posted 18 Sep 2018

Pizza Express to introduce soya milk

Pizza Express has always been brilliant for ensuring that plant-based choices are readily-available, and now they have gone one step further.

Posted 10 Sep 2018

Pizza Express logo (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

New vegan products released in August 2018!

With more and more vegan product hitting the shelves on an almost daily basis, it has never been a better time to try veganism. Here are some of our favourite new releases!

Posted 06 Sep 2018

Why supermarkets should #MarkItVegan

With recent news of Iceland committing to labelling all of its own-brand vegan products in the future, it is time for all others to follow suit.

Posted 06 Sep 2018