Chris Packham, Peter Egan and Deborah Meaden all join campaign to ban snares!

Posted on the 24th January 2022

Celebrities help petition to ban snares reach the 50,000 signatures halfway mark

Our government petition, calling for a ban on the use of free-running snares has just passed its halfway mark of 50,000 signatures and should trigger a parliamentary debate once it reaches the threshold of 100,000.

High-profile celebrities have helped bring the petition to the attention of thousands of their followers by recording messages of support.

Please sign our petition to ban snares!

In a video he recorded for Animal Aid, BBC Springwatch’s wildlife expert and campaigner, Chris Packham, stated: “Frankly, the fact that these are being used still legally in the UK countryside in the twenty-first century is a complete anachronism. What on earth is going on? … We’ve got to put an end to this suffering because every year 1.7 million animals die in these barbaric devices.”

Despite being heavily involved in campaigning on a great many issues, Peter Egan, spoke with great passion about the issue: “The petition to ban the use of free-running snares is very important to everyone who cares about all animals. Wildlife and our companion animals – they all get caught in these disgusting traps, and they often kill, maim and brutalise the bodies of these poor animals… Let’s encourage our government to have a compassionate attitude to wildlife and to all the creatures that we care about on this, our wonderful planet.”

Says the well-known ethical voice on the Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden: ”Snares are cruel and they are indiscriminate, threatening not just wildlife but our own domestic pets. And it’s hard to understand how, in a civilised society, that cares so much about animal welfare, these snares are still legal.”

Other celebrities including Gary Lineker, Sherrie Hewson and Diane Morgan, have also backed the campaign on social media.

As well as high-profile celebrities, the petition has also received support from a number of other national groups, many of which have first-hand experience of the suffering that snares cause to wild and domestic animals. The groups include: RSPCA, Battersea Dogs Home, Cats Protection, National Anti-Snaring Campaign, Hunt Investigation Team, The Badger Trust, Humane Society International UK, League Against Cruel Sports, Keep the Ban, Wild Moors, Born Free, OneKind and PETA UK.

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