Coca-Cola cancels fox cull!

Posted on the 12th February 2021

Earlier this week it emerged that Coca Cola was planning a mass fox cull at their factory site in Sidcup. However, Coca-Cola agreed to stop the cull permanently after South London Hunt Saboteurs, campaigners and local residents launched a “stop the cull” protest on social media on Wednesday.

Animal Aid have a long-standing campaign against the culling of wildlife. We are concerned about the growing tendency to scapegoat various animal species for the vices of human beings. Many species are being targeted as they are regarded as urban ‘pests’.

Not only is trapping and killing foxes cruel, but it is also entirely pointless and ineffective. 

If a fox or a family of foxes, is killed, new foxes will take over the vacant territory, thus failing to resolve the conflict. This will result in an endless cycle of trapping and killing. 

 However, the good news is that there are plenty of alternative, humane methods of deterrence that can be adopted. These methods do not rely on the killing of any animals and are more successful and economical than lethal methods. Animal Aid have put together some informative and easy-to-follow advice sheets for more information about humanely deterring foxes effectively.

Animal Aid have reached out to Coca-Cola, on Twitter, offering to advise them on humane alternatives to killing wildlife and we would like to thank them for their compassionate decision to permanently cancel their planned mass fox cull at their Sidcup factory.  

Well done to The South London Hunt Saboteurs and everyone who contacted Coca-Cola urging them not to use lethal methods for controlling foxes! 

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