Concerned about ocean plastic? Here’s the easiest, most effective thing you can do

Posted on the 21st August 2018

With awareness of the plastic-filled ocean being at an all-time high, the vast majority of people are starting to look into how they can reduce their single-use plastic consumption. But seldom do we hear of possibly the biggest culprit: the fishing industry.

A comprehensive new study of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a major ocean plastic accumulation in the Pacific Ocean, located between California and Hawaii – has found that whilst microplastics make up about eight per cent of the total tonnage, abandoned fishing gear counts for an astonishing 46 per cent.

Laurent Labreton, an oceanographer and the study’s lead author, says:

‘I knew there would be a lot of fishing gear, but 46 per cent was unexpectedly high. Initially, we thought fishing gear would be more in the 20 percent range.’

Ocean Cleanup is currently working on a system to remove much of this abandoned fishing gear.

But what can you do to help?

Of course, opting for reusable coffee cups and water bottles will help. But as the study shows, more emphasis needs to be shown on one of the biggest cause of ocean plastic: fishing gear. So, ditch fish for environmentally-friendly vegan alternatives. Not only will you be helping to reduce your impact on the ocean, you will also help spare fish and the other marine animals who are often caught up in fishing nets from an excruciating death.

Below, you will find a few of our favourite plant-based ‘fish’ alternatives!

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