Construction site at Paddington stops trapping and killing foxes

Posted on the 23rd March 2018

Costain Group has agreed to stop using lethal methods to remove foxes from the site, after pressure from animal rights groups and members of the public on social media.

After widely shared Facebook posts revealed that Costain Group were culling foxes at the site in Paddington, the group was met with a wave of opposition from activists, urging them to reconsider the use of lethal methods to control foxes on the site.

After being contacted by Animal Aid with advice on how to deter foxes humanely, Costain Group have worked with Fox-a-gon and have agreed to use humane deterrence methods instead of killing the foxes.

Says Jade Emery, Animal Aid Wildlife Campaigner:

‘It is excellent to hear that Costain Group have agreed to use humane deterrence methods instead of relying on cruel and ineffective lethal actions.

‘We hope that more organisations will follow the example of Costain Group, and understand that unwanted wildlife can be deterred without need for culling.’


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