Ditch dairy – save badgers and cows

Posted on the 25th August 2017

As the badger cull is set to be extended, the need to ditch dairy – for the sake of wildlife and the poor suffering cows – has never been greater.

Today it has been revealed that the government plans to extend the badger cull to nine more ‘cull zones’ bringing the total number of zones to nineteen. This means that more than 20,000 badger face being trapped and shot in a futile and misguided attempted to curb the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) – despite the science being very clear that badgers are not to blame for bTB in cattle.

The fate of the cows confined to the dairy industry is absolutely unimaginable. Dairy cows are forced into a relentless cycle of forced pregnancy, having their babies torn away from them, and being manipulated into producing unnaturally large quantities of milk. As a result, these exploited and exhausted animals are susceptible to disease, which spreads rapidly in the cramped, squalid conditions in which so many of these cows are forced to reside.

When their production levels fall to a rate that is no longer profitable, these animals meet a bloody and brutal end at the slaughterhouse.

By switching to cruelty-free plant milks – such as almond, soya, coconut, and hazelnut – you will not only be helping to save cows from a life of misery and exploitation, you will be helping to save wild animals from persecution.

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