Campaign for an annual fundraising day in school for animals

Bailey is ten years old and has been in touch to tell us about her great campaign. Read more and sign her petition below.

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Hi, I’m Bailey, and I want to tell you about my campaign that I have started and ask you if you can please help.

I love all animals, even the ones that people think are scary and horrible, like rats. They are all living creatures. I get really angry with my classmates when they stamp on ants or other insects. They are living creatures, too! I heard lots of things about secondary school children making a stand and I started planning how I was going to make a stand for animals when I go to secondary school. I thought about it so much and I didn’t want to wait two more years, I want to do it now!

I can’t understand why most people just don’t think about animals and their suffering. They need us so much. Humans have destroyed their planet and don’t think about how bad it is for them. Why can’t we just help them? I think that we CAN just help them. Some people are really bad and hurt animals, but I think most people aren’t really bad but just don’t think about animals as they are, too; busy with their own lives.

We need to have a yearly fundraising day at school for animals, everything should not be about humans like it is at the moment. There is already a day for it – World Animal Day. Just the name of it sounds like a really big deal, so why are we not all celebrating it? I would love to have a non-uniform day each year, where we all dress up and donate ÂŁ1 to help animals. I think every single child would love that idea too, all my friends like it.

In the lockdowns I started watching lots of videos of animal rescues. Everyone was talking about how Covid was so bad for people, but I never heard anyone talk about how bad it was for animals, they had it worse than us!! Elephants chained and starving because there was no money from tourists to feed them. Dogs and cats who couldn’t find new homes because the country was in lockdown and so they had to wait in shelters. Why was no one helping those charities?

Please help my campaign by signing and sharing my petition. I hope that I can get 100,000 signatures before World Animal Day on October 4th. The animals deserve one day to be remembered and thought about and raised money for. It is their planet, too.

You can sign my petition at:

The animals deserve one day to be remembered and thought about and raised money for.

It is their planet, too. We need to save them.

Thank you for your support.