Youth media survey

If you are aged between 11 and 18, we would love you to complete the survey below about how young people obtain information about animal rights.

Youth Media Survey

Learning about how young people use media to find out about animal rights issues

  • 1. Where did you get the information that first got you interested in animal rights issues?
  • Which social media platform?
  • Which website? - please give the name of the website or a link:
  • Please give a little detail - who were they produced by? where did you get them?
  • Which film or TV programme was it?
  • 2. Where do you currently get most of your information about animal rights campaigns?
  • Which social media platform?
  • Which websites? - please give the name(s) of the main websites you use:
  • 3. Do you have any suggestions or comments about the best way to communicate the animal rights message to young people?
  • 4. Would you like to be on a panel of young people to review new resources produced by Animal Aid such as films, leaflets, booklets, factsheets and posters?
  • If you answered 'Yes' or 'Maybe' to the above and would like to find out more, please ask your parent or guardian to contact to get more information