Government’s Food Strategy calls for increased public sector vegan provision

Posted on the 18th June 2022

The leaked draft report states that schools and prisons will be offered plant-based options.

Whilst the Strategy is yet to be officially announced, the leaked version, which has been published by various news outlets, has highlighted some key elements to it – one of which is to offer vegan meals to schools and prisons. It is not clear as to whether this would make daily plant-based options a requirement, as Animal Aid and other organisations have campaigned for.

Animal Aid would welcome such a move; adopting a plant-based diet is by far the easiest thing one can do to benefit the planet, as it requires less land, fewer resources and produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions, when compared to animal-derived foods. Not to mention that it helps to reduce cruelty to animals!

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There are other elements to the Strategy which are concerning, such as increasing fish farming operations, and as such, we will be monitoring any developments and acting accordingly.

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