Have a compassionate Christmas!

Posted on the 16th November 2022

Christmas is often touted as the season of peace and goodwill to all. However, animals are often overlooked.

Traditionally, turkeys are eaten on Christmas Day. In the UK alone, an estimated 10,000,000 are farmed and slaughtered for Christmas dinners – that is a staggering figure. Animal Aid has investigated turkey farms throughout the UK and we have found horrendous suffering to be commonplace – even on so-called ‘high welfare’ farms.

Having a vegan Christmas has never been easier, with plant-based options now readily available in shops and supermarkets, and a plethora of recipes online. In fact, Animal Aid is here to help!

Our Have a Very Vegan Christmas booklet contains a range of delicious vegan recipes, along with other tips for having a vegan Christmas. You can download a free copy of this by signing up today!

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