Help our campaign for a UK-wide ban on snares!

Posted on the 15th January 2024

Ahead of the next General Election, we are asking all political parties to pledge to ban snares as part of their manifestos.

The Welsh Government introduced a total ban on snares, under the Agriculture Bill, in 2023. The Scottish Government is considering bringing in a ban on snares under the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill.

We need a commitment from all political parties that a UK-wide ban on snares will be included in their manifestos as a matter of urgency.

A ban on snares is popular amongst voters. A 2021 YouGov poll found that 69% of people support a ban on the use of snares, whilst only 14% oppose such a ban (the remainder were undecided). And let us not forget that our 2022 government petition, calling for a ban on the use of snares was signed by more than 100,000 people, which led to a parliamentary debate in January 2023 – with the huge majority of MPs, from different political parties, speaking in support of a ban!

It is estimated that more than a million animals, including foxes and badgers, are killed by these horrific devices every year. Even cats and dogs become trapped in them and suffer unimaginable pain and sometimes death.

Please write to your MP straight away – and share this page on social media asking your friends to also take action.

Write to your MP

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