Help stop cruel reindeer exploitation this Christmas

Posted on the 17th November 2017

Reindeer continue to be transported up and down the country and placed in stressful, unnatural environments for the sake of entertainment.

The idea of reindeer as an inextricable part of Christmas is embedded deep in our culture, but it is one thing to find them in a story book, but another to use these very real sensitive animals in what for them is typically a noisy and highly stressful environment.

Reindeer that are used in Christmas displays and events – regardless of how ‘domesticated’ they are – continue to be stressed and unsettled by travel and by being required to be amongst, often excitable, children and adults.

Research by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency shows that these specialised arctic deer suffer when uprooted from their natural habitat, and placed in captivity. The research shows that a poor diet, exposure to diseases, and stress are prevalent and lead to a high mortality rate in captive reindeer.

These animals should be living free in their natural environment, not exploited for cheap entertainment.

What can you do if you see an event using live animals this Christmas?

  1. Let us know:
  2. Write a letter to your local newspaper, asking people to boycott the event.
  3. Order our ‘Unhappy Christmas For Reindeer’ leaflets to distribute by emailing

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