Help us help grey squirrels

Posted on the 10th July 2020

In December 2019, licences previously issued to release rescued grey squirrels were revoked. This has forced wildlife rescuers to make unnecessary decisions about the fate of orphaned and injured squirrels, who could otherwise be saved and released back into the wild.
While this change has been incredibly disappointing, and extremely difficult on wildlife rescuers, we continue to speak out against this and urge Natural England to reinstate these licences.
You can still use our template text to reach out to Defra to speak out against this decision. This is always more effective when tweaked, so please use this text as a guide. We also recently launched a new action, and are encouraging people to order our new squirrel postcards to send to Defra. 
Each of our new postcards features the story of squirrels who were rescued by Urban Squirrels in 2019, highlighting how their fates would have been tragically different if they were found this year.
Please help our campaign with a donation, so that we can keep fighting for animals who don’t deserve this treatment.
Help our campaign with a donation

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