It’s World Vegan Day!

Posted on the 1st November 2023

Today – 1st November – is World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month!

Going vegan has never been easier, with vegan food and products now filing shelves and menus.

Why vegan?
For the animals
Being vegan means you are doing everything you can to help reduce animal suffering.

For the planet
Research shows that adopting a plant-based diet is one of the best things an individual can do to reduce their impact upon the planet.

For your health
A balanced vegan diet provides all the nutrients one needs to be healthy; additionally, studies show that vegans suffer a reduced risk of certain illnesses and diseases.

The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

If you’re curious about going vegan, and need some additional help, why not sign up to Animal Aid’s 7-Day Vegan Challenge?

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