Lidl is still yet to #MarkItVegan

Posted on the 3rd January 2019

Lidl is the only major UK supermarket to have not yet committed to clear and consistent labelling for all of its own-brand products.

Clearly labelling products as ‘suitable for vegans’ in some way has a host of benefits: firstly, it enables those of us who avoid animal products entirely to easily find which products are vegan. Secondly, it helps non-vegans realise how many delicious vegan options there truly are to choose from. In addition, it can also help those with allergies to ingredients like dairy and eggs.

Last year, Lidl informed us that they are in the process of reviewing the labelling of its vegetarian and vegan products, whilst this is welcome news, Lidl is still yet to commit to this very simple but helpful initiative.

As well as this, Animal Aid handed in a petition to Lidl’s head office, signed by more than 11,000 people, calling on the supermarket to #MarkItVegan. But you can still take action!

Actions you can take!

> Contact them on social media
Tweet them: Hey @LidlGB, you are currently the only UK supermarket to not commit to clear and consistent vegan labelling for your own-brand products. Will you please #MarkItVegan?

> Post on their Facebook page

> Send them an email 

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