Media circus in a panda prison

Posted on the 31st March 2014

Last year’s media hype surrounding the mating habits of two pandas has once again rekindled. The media today (31st March) is reporting that Tian Tian’s ‘window of receptivity’ is approaching, and that her hormone levels will be monitored constantly to try to ensure another animal is born in captivity. Tian Tian and Yang Guang are rented out by the Chinese government to Edinburgh Zoo on a 10-year contract.

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RTÉ Investigation exposes systemic abuse of innocent horses

An undercover investigation by RTÉ into the contemptible world of horse trading highlighted blatant cruelty towards horses, unrestrained greed, fraudulent practices of changing horses’ identifications and illegal transportation of the animals across Europe via the UK...

Posted 13 Jun 2024

‘Votes for Animals’ launched!

On 4th July, the British public will vote in an election that will impact the lives of billions of sentient beings. Today, we launch our Votes For Animals website and the Crackdown on Cruelty campaign,...

Posted 12 Jun 2024