Meet the turkeys of Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Posted on the 2nd December 2020

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary is home to many rescued animals – including 25 turkeys. Here are a few of their stories.

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary is a small, self-funded animal sanctuary in Sussex. It is run by Lynda and volunteers who look after all the animals there. Every animal at Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary is treated as the sentient individual they are, rather than unthinking machines.

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William was bred to be eaten. When William came to Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, Lynda was told that turkeys don’t live long, and whilst that may be true for those who are bred to be slaughtered, William has now been at Freedom Farm for six years.

William struts about the place “like a King”, according to Lynda, but in reality, he is a kindly gentleman who just wants to spend time with people.


Also saved from the table, Poppy is about two years old. Poppy loves and adores Lynda and likes to follow her everywhere. Much like a puppy, Poppy tries to make eye contact with Lynda so that she will give her a fuss. Poppy’s life could have been very different; she could have been just another statistic, adding to the millions of turkeys who are sent to the slaughterhouse every year. At Freedom Farm, Poppy is treated as the sentient individual she truly is and gets to live her life free from harm and suffering, just as all animals should.

Update: Sadly, Poppy passed away in November 2020.


Holly and three other turkeys came to Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary last year. It is a common procedure for turkeys and other birds in the meat industry to be ‘de-beaked’, which involves having the tip of their beaks cut off. Holly had a very damaged beak which meant she couldn’t eat unaided or preen herself. This spurred on Lynda into looking for somebody who could help Holly; I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of other animals being given prosthetic limbs and beaks.

Lynda’s research led her to Gianluca Deli, a vet who specialises in exotic animals. After an initial consultation and an X-ray, Gianluca concluded that it was possible to give Holly a new beak. There were some delays due to COVID-19, but in August 2020, Holly went for a successful four-hour surgery. It is thought that Holly is the first turkey in the world to be given a prosthetic beak. Holly will now have a fantastic chance of living a very normal life, full of joy and love, just like she deserves.

Update: Sadly, Holly passed away in November 2020.

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