Two down, one to go… no bunny wants this

Cruel plans for a rabbit meat and fur farm in Coleshill, Buckinghamshire have thankfully been thrown out. The appeal against the Council's decision was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate who concluded that ‘The proposal would...

Posted 04 May 2022

World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2022

Sunday 24th of April is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. Many animals that suffer in these outdated, cruel, and unreliable procedures, are the very same species we share our lives with – rabbits, dogs,...

Posted 20 Apr 2022

Animal Aid asks public: “Are you one of the 71%?”

Animal Aid showed people in London, Bristol and Liverpool our latest campaign film, asking them if they were one of the majority who believe it is never acceptable to cause animals pain and suffering.

Posted 14 Apr 2022