Annual vivisection figures – the scandal continues

The industrial scale of animals being bred and used in scientific research is revealed today in Home Office statistics, relating to ‘scientific procedures on living animals’ in Great Britain in 2016. A total of almost...

Posted 13 Jul 2017

Dead birds on Natural Resources Wales’ land

As Natural Resources Wales consults on whether to continue to allow shooting on its land, an Animal Aid undercover investigation finds dead, trapped and suffering game birds.

Posted 10 Jul 2017

Fox culling is cruel and pointless

The Prime Minister has recently confirmed that there will be no free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act, meaning that, for the time being, foxes and other animals are safe from being legally...

Posted 07 Jul 2017

More chicken eaten in the UK than red meat

The amount of chicken meat eaten in the UK has been rising for some time due to it usually being cheaper than most other types of meat, and many people believing it to be healthier...

Posted 30 Jun 2017

Steanbow Farms, Somerset