Scotland is considering a ban on snares!

Within days of the ban on snares in Wales receiving Royal Assent, thus making it law, the Scottish Government has announced the launch of a Consultation on the use of snares in Scotland.

Posted 30 Aug 2023

Being a vegan student

Some people think being vegan whilst sticking to a student budget is difficult, but that needn’t be the case!

Posted 28 Aug 2023

Take action to help race horses

The racing industry’s National Racehorse Week takes place 9-17 September. The event is promoted as "a nationwide annual celebration of the racehorse and a chance to see first-hand the love, care and attention that goes...

Posted 25 Aug 2023

horse tear

Three reasons to ditch dairy

22nd August is World Plant Milk Day! Here are three reasons why you should ditch dairy and drink plant milks instead!

Posted 22 Aug 2023

‘A Good Life?’ took over King’s Cross Station

This summer, Animal Aid adverts revealing the truth about pig farming were displayed prominently to hundreds of thousands of commuters, tourists and day trippers at London’s busy King’s Cross station. The campaign included huge, printed...

Posted 18 Aug 2023