Help campaign against grouse shooting

The grouse shooting season commences on 12 August - the so-called Glorious Twelfth. Help us to raise awareness about the harm to animals and the environment caused by the grouse shooting industry.

Posted 02 Aug 2018

As temperatures rise so do race horse deaths

Animal Aid believes that racing horses during this hot weather period has resulted in a possible eight horse deaths. These are horses who have collapsed and died either during a race or shortly after the...

Posted 27 Jul 2018

Rest In Peace

Animal Experiments – scandalous annual statistics

Home Office statistics, released today, reveal the horrifying scale of experiments on living animals in Great Britain. In 2017, 3,721,744 animals were used for the first time, including monkeys, dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and...

Posted 19 Jul 2018

Experimental laboratory mice are raised in the IVC, individually ventilated cages system protecting from bacterial infection

Ban the cage!

Animal Aid is calling for a complete ban on raised laying cages used to incarcerate breeding birds used by the shooting industry.

Posted 18 Jul 2018

Live pheasants sharing a cage with a deceased bird