Snares petition – you did it!!!

A huge thank you to the 100,000 compassionate and dedicated people who signed or shared our government petition to ban snares – absolutely amazing work! Securing these signatures should mean we are offered a government...

Posted 29 Mar 2022

Oxfordshire County Council goes vegan!

Oxfordshire County Council has voted to only serve plant-based food at council events, and increase the number of vegan options on public sector menus.

Posted 25 Mar 2022

Top 10 vegan alternatives to fish!

World Day for the End of Fishing aims to highlight the suffering of fish and marine animals, and to encourage people to try plant-based fish alternatives instead. Here’s some of our favourites!

Posted 15 Mar 2022

Ukraine – how you can help

Ukraine is in our thoughts every day – like most people, we are horrified by the tragedy and brutality of this war.

Posted 09 Mar 2022

Refugees stand in line as they wait for a bus to the border checkpoint at Rava Ruska, Ukraine