Overwhelming support for a ban on shooting in Wales

Posted on the 25th April 2018

Today (25 April 2018) is the final day of the public consultation by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on whether it should continue to allow the shooting of birds for ‘sport’ on public land.

Yesterday, Animal Aid and the League Against Cruel Sports joined forces to hand in a petition to the Welsh Assembly, signed by 12,700 people which calls for an end to shooting on the land that NRW manages on behalf of the people of Wales.

We also visited NRW to hand in the results of a poll that had been commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports and Animal Aid on shooting. The poll found that:

  • 74 per cent of people in Wales thought that shooting birds should be made illegal
  • 76 per cent oppose the shooting of game birds for sport on publicly owned land in Wales after learning how chicks are bred for sport shooting
  • 82 per cent of respondents oppose the use of cages for breeding ‘game’ birds
  • Only one per cent of people thought that pheasants and other birds bred for sport shooting should have lower standards of welfare than other birds, as is the case now

The number of people who signed the petition and the results of the poll will be fed into the public consultation by NRW.

We hope that NRW listens to all the people who supported the campaign to ban shooting on public land in Wales.


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