Oxfordshire County Council goes vegan!

Posted on the 25th March 2022

Oxfordshire County Council has voted to only serve plant-based food at council events, and increase the number of vegan options on public sector menus.

Despite high profile protests by some of those involved in the meat industry, including Jeremy Clarkson, Oxfordshire County Council voted to only serve vegan food at council events, highlighting the huge environmental impact of the production of animal products.

We hope that Oxfordshire County Council will act as an example to other local authorities!

When it comes to environmental concerns, the research is very clear that a plant-based diet has the least impact. This is because animal products require more land, more water and energy and produce far more greenhouse gas emissions than plant-based food. For example, research from the University of Oxford found that the carbon footprint of a vegan diet can be as much as 60% smaller than a meat-based one, and 24% smaller than a vegetarian diet.

Read more about the environmental benefits of going vegan
Actions you can take!

> Write to your own local and county council, asking them to follow the example of Oxford County Council.

> Reduce your own impact on the planet by adopting a plant-based diet. Check out our Vegan Recipe section for some inspiration.

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