Sign our petition to bring an end to game bird cruelty

Posted on the 25th June 2020

Across the country, pheasants and partridges who are used for breeding purposes are enduring a life of misery, confined in cages for the whole of their productive lives. They need your help.

We must bring an end to the use of these cruel cages. Please sign this petition and share on social media.

Animal Aid has filmed inside the vast farms where these poor game birds are confined. We have even filmed cages that are totally barren, in breach of even the most basic welfare regulations.

The shooting industry uses these game birds to produce some of the 50 million pheasants and partridges who will be used as live targets for shooters.

We oppose the use and killing of animals for this dreadful ‘sport’, and urge the government, as a vital and necessary first step, to abolish the use of cages for breeding game birds.

Please sign the petition and then share with friends, using the buttons below.

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