Protest against animal testing company

Posted on the 17th July 2015

Massive opposition is building to a proposed dog and ferret breeding facility in East Yorkshire that was given government approval last month. More than 500,000 have signed a petition demanding that the decision be reversed. Please join those who are demanding compassion and sound science and an end to the use of animals in primitive and brutal poisoning experiments. Sign the petition now.

Bantin & Kingman Ltd (B&K) were given the green light to build their new facility by Communities Minister, Greg Clark.

It has been reported that the new building will confine some 200 beagles, 180 puppies and several ferrets. The majority of the more than 3,500 dogs used for experiments in the UK each year are subjected to lethal toxicity tests. Typically, the suspect substance is administered through a tube that goes into their mouth, down their throat and into their stomach. Symptoms include seizures, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. Many die during the experiments themselves.

These ‘procedures’ continue despite evidence clearly showing that data from such tests cannot reliably be applied to people. There are a great many non-animal methods that could be deployed for toxicity testing. These make use of human cells, computers and advanced robotics.

Mr Clark’s decision to allow the building of the facility overturned the local council’s decision to reject B&K’s planning application, on the grounds that the expansion would cause traffic disruption.

Please sign the petition now.

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