Protestors call for a ban on grouse shooting

Posted on the 2nd November 2016

On 31 October, MPs attended a debate on grouse shooting in Westminster Hall. Although many of the MPs who attended were pro-shooting, we are heartened that this issue is now of such importance that 123,076 people signed a parliamentary petition calling for a ban.

Just ahead of that debate, supporters of Animal Aid and the League Against Cruel Sports lined up outside the House of Commons for a photocall. You can see the pictures below.

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by Animal Aid showed that nearly half of British people favour a ban on grouse shooting in the UK. Of those polled, 48 per cent said they would support a ban on grouse shooting, compared with 28 per cent who oppose a ban. When counting only those who expressed a view, the figure of those in favour of a ban rose to 63 per cent, with 37 per cent opposed to a ban.

Watch and share our film about grouse shooting

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