Parliament to debate a ban on snares

Posted on the 9th January 2023

In direct response to our government petition being signed by over 100,000 people, this evening Parliament will debate a ban on the sale and use of snares to trap wildlife in Britain.

1.7 million animals are caught in these horrific, archaic and indiscriminate traps each year – the wire snares cause immense suffering or death to the trapped animals.

Mark S recently sent us this film of a hare he discovered caught in a snare:

What the video doesn’t show is the absolute terror the hare was in, I swear I could hear its heartbeat through its cries of pain, it was sickening.

Mark S

Animal Aid’s campaign to ban snares is supported by many animal and wildlife organisations. The British Veterinary Association (BVA), RSPCA, Dog’s Trust, Cats Protection, The Badger Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust all oppose the use of snares and have called for them to be banned.

We are calling for the UK Governments to introduce an outright ban on the use and sale of snares to both the general public and trained operators.

BVA, May 2022

It’s time for Britain to #BanSnares for good.


*title image credit Hunt Investigation Team (HIT)

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