Investigators find appalling conditions at rabbit farm in Derbyshire

Posted on the 1st April 2021

A rabbit farm franchiser is vying to set up a further rabbit meat and fur farm in Lyndon Top, Rutland. He has already had planning refused at sites in Cornwall and Buckinghamshire. Our investigators visited another of their established sites at Atlow/Hognaston, Derbyshire and were horrified at conditions there. View the video below and please share it with your social networks.

These are claimed to be ‘free-range’ conditions, but our investigators found rabbits in barren individual hutches, unable to socialise and with no free access to the outside.

They have very limited room to move and stretch and these small hutches do not allow space for the large breed (New Zealand White) rabbits to sit upright with ears up, or to rear up, a natural stance for these prey animals to scout around for danger.

Our investigators never saw rabbits out of their hutches over multiple visits. The 47 hutches here appeared to remain closed.

Lack of exercise and under stimulation can be hugely emotionally and physically damaging for rabbits. Some of the rabbits appeared listless and largely unresponsive to the presence of investigators.

Help us to stop more rabbit meat and fur farms springing up in the UK, by taking the actions below.


Sign the petition (it stands at over 18,000 signatures now!):

Sign the petition opposing the Rutland proposal


Object to the planning applications (the determination deadline has passed but objections are still being received):

Object to the proposed Rutland rabbit farm

Thank you!

Notes for editors

  • Read our press release here
  • Animal Aid conducted the undercover investigation at ‘The Warren’, Turlowfields Lane, Hognaston, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1PZ on the 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th of March.
  • Animal Aid has a strict investigations policy which ensures adherence to biosecurity measures, obtaining access to premises without causing any damage to property and seeking to ensure that no stress is caused to animals at sites visited.
  • Footage was taken from outside of the perimeter fence or further away overhead by drone.


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