Take action to ban cruel cages

Posted on the 7th May 2021

Unbelievably, thousands of pheasants and partridges, used by the shooting industry for breeding purposes, are still being imprisoned in battery-style cages.

According to even the most basic welfare regulations, barren cages are not permitted – but our most recent investigation found breeding pheasants confined in raised metal units, which were entirely barren and without enrichment.

As we approach summer, temperatures inside these cages can soar to 40 degrees centigrade. The birds have no escape.

Help us achieve a ban on the cages by taking a moment to write to your MP.

Animal Aid’s goal is to see an end to the production of birds to be shot for ‘sport’. In the interim, we are pushing for an immediate ban on these horrific cages.


Please write to your MP asking them to support this campaign

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