Household products

Although there is a ban on testing finished household products on animals, the ingredients can still be tested on animals.

Luckily, there are a multitude of ranges that have not been, including bio D, Astonish as well as Co-op, M&S and Aldi own brand cleaning products.

For a full list, see the Cruelty Free International website.

Duvets and Pillows

Many people are unaware of the extreme suffering that is inflicted on geese and ducks whose down feathers – the softest layer closest to the birds’ skin – are used to stuff duvets and pillows (and coats and jackets). While some down and feathers are removed from birds during slaughter, many birds – primarily geese – have their feathers plucked while they are still alive, which causes immense pain and distress. See this news story for more details.