10 reasons why we need CCTV in slaughterhouses

  1. Because Animal Aid blew the lid on widespread lawbreaking when it investigated UK slaughterhouses
  2. calf slipping and unable to stand at a slaughterhouse

    This calf, awaiting slaughter, was left repetitively slipping on the floor for three hours as workers walked by and did nothing. The law states: ‘No person shall cause any avoidable excitement, pain or suffering to any animal’.

  3. Because thugs who punch animals in the face for fun deserve to be caught
  4. slaughterhouse worker punches pig

  5. Because those who burn pigs with cigarettes should be jailed. (One was, thanks to Animal Aid’s hidden cameras.)
  6. slaughterhouse worker stubs cigarette into pig's skin

  7. Because people cannot be trusted not to hurt themselves
  8. worker shot mate

  9. Because some people beat animals when they’re not being watched
  10. slaughterhouse workers beat pigs

  11. Because those who license slaughterers don’t even bother to ask whether they have unspent criminal convictions for violence to people or sexual assault
  12. what

  13. Because firearms keep being stolen from slaughterhouses – and at least one person has been murdered with a captive bolt gun
  14. murder news story

  15. Because shockingly bad hygiene should be discovered. (Peeing around the pigs. Not cool.)
  16. Because animals don’t want to die – and people who eat meat should know that
  17. Because if Uttar Pradesh in India can do it, why can’t we?
  18. Uttar pradesh CCTV

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