The Great Vegan Challenge

November is Vegan Month and Animal Aid challenges people to go vegan for the whole 30 days in what we call the Great Vegan Challenge.

Great Vegan Challenge logoThe Great Vegan Challenge was launched in 2012 and has grown bigger and bigger each year.

As well as the knowledge that you’ll be joining hundreds of other people all going vegan, we’ll provide you with all the support and advice you need. We’re offering everything from recipes, advice on nutrition, tips on which are the best places to shop, and a telephone hotline for any difficult questions. It’s going vegan made easy. You’ll also hear about exclusive special offers and competitons.

There are so many great reasons to go vegan: it’s good for your health, it’s good for the environment and it’s the single best change you can make in your life to reduce animal suffering. So if you’re already thinking of going vegan, or you’re just curious to give it a try, register to take part in the Great Vegan Challenge by going to There’s never been a better time to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle.

Find out more, visit the Great Vegan Challenge website